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Consultation on Buying Estate and Residence in Northern Cyprus

One of our primary concerns and challenges is having an ideal life. So, immigrating to a country with better conditions can be the best option. Everyone may come up with the question: Can I immigrate?

Derio Investment and Consultation Group have good news for you: At the moment, Northern Cyprus is the best destination for Iranians of any age, financial condition, and career. By continual review and assistance from the most prominent certified immigration lawyers and experts, Derio group paves the way for all applicants to get a residence permit. As our Head office is located in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus (Registration code of MŞ23769), getting a residence permit becomes faster and safer. Our consultation team in Iran Agencies and Northern Cyprus head office offer services in three fields of immigration to Northern Cyprus, which include:

Why Derio is your best choice?

Dario Holding is continuously trying to follow up the immigration process for investors on buying property or starting a business and those interested in studying in the best and highly credited universities of North Cyprus. Ultimately, we will come to this successful end with minor challenges. Therefore, we will describe a part of our activities to become the most customer-oriented and successful company in the field of immigration:

  • Facilitating and speeding up the process of investment and immigration to all applicants
  • Prioritizing tasks  with full potential to expedite the process
  • Providing round-the-clock and perfect services in Iran and Northern Cyprus
  • Giving specialized advice for choosing a valuable and unique estate

Having said that, get a chance for 24/7 consultation to head toward a prosperous and bright future.

We believe every Iranian can get a chance to have a high-quality life; Northern Cyprus can be your lucky chance.

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