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Study Residence in Northern Cyprus

Study residence in Northern Cyprus is one of the most popular ways of immigration for Iranians, which has been dramatically growing in recent years. Educational immigration to Northern Cyprus has become one of the main options for young Iranians to progress in a good country for many reasons, including the credits of degrees in international associations and no need for taking entrance exams in the universities of this country and language certificates. Derio, a reliable agency specializing in study visas in Northern Cyprus, can help you receive 50 to 100% scholarships and achieve the highest academic and professional credits internationally. Don’t miss this article to learn more about studying in North Cyprus.

An Overview of Residence Permits for Study in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus can be your best destination if you have thought about moving to another country to study or work. Studying immigration to Northern Cyprus is very welcome due to the favorable climate of this country, the proximity of its culture to Iran, the convenience and low cost of commuting, adjacency to Iran,  suitable scholarships, and most importantly, and internationally recognized and approved universities. Cyprus can be the best destination for easy access to the world’s top countries. This developing country has become one of the world’s most touristic and immigrant-friendly countries, and the cost of living is meager.

Therefore, many people tend to invest in Northern Cyprus and earn high incomes. These can change your life and bring a lot of prosperity and comfort. At the same time, you can use another option, i.e., get a residence in Northern Cyprus by buying a property to stay in this beautiful and economical country. In any case, Derio can guide you through obtaining your visa for study, work, or permanent residence in Cyprus and rebuilding your life and your family. In the following, we will give complete details of the study residence in Northern Cyprus, which is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to this country.

اقامت تحصیلی قبرس شمالی در یک نگاه

Study Conditions in Northern Cyprus Universities

Studying in Cyprus universities can be compatible with the American educational process, leading to an increase in applying study immigration to Northern Cyprus. This article can help you learn more about the conditions of studying in Cyprus.

  1. There is no age limit for a study residence permit in Northern Cyprus, except for studying at the Medical and Paramedical University of the Eastern Mediterranean University of this country, with an age limit of under 30 years.
  2. The bachelor’s in Cyprus universities takes four years, and the only document required for registration is the translation of the diploma. Suppose you have studied based on the old Iranian education system (primary, middle and high school). In that case, you need a pre-university certificate, score details, and a diploma.
  3. Having a high-grade point average (GPA) is not a required term for studying immigration in Northern Cyprus
  4. The postgraduate course takes two years in 4 semesters. To study in Northern Cyprus and get admission to the master’s, you must have a bachelor’s degree in your desired field. At the same time, admission is approved only by academic records, and you don’t have to take a specific test.
  5. To immigrate to Northern Cyprus to study for a Ph.D. degree, you must pass 8 courses and complete your thesis, which ultimately takes between 3 and 5 years. There is no need to pass an exam to enter this level, and your admission will be approved according to your academic records.
  6. You do not need to take any particular entrance exam to be admitted to Cyprus universities (even for scholarships), except for the English proficiency test taken on arrival. You need to take a few English courses at your university even if you don’t get the minimum score. Of course, the language test is not required for a study residence in Northern Cyprus if you have an IELTS or TOEFL certificate.

Top Universities in Northern Cyprus

برترین دانشگاه‌های قبرس شمالی

Deciding to study abroad is one of the things that has a demanding market these days. You can make up your mind and find your destination if you compare information about the top countries and universities there. Since the study residence in Northern Cyprus is consistent with the principles of the educational method of the top American universities, study immigration to Northern Cyprus has been welcomed increasingly. This student and the tourist-friendly country has more than 20 universities, each of which has a different world ranking. If you consider Cyprus a rocketing move for immigrating to other first-rate countries, you should be more careful in choosing a university. Generally speaking, it is better to study at the prestigious universities of this country for educational immigration to Northern Cyprus for a better future. In the following, we introduce these universities.

UniversityCityEstablishment Year
Eastern Mediterranean University EMUFamagusta1979
Cyprus International University CIUNicosia1997
Near East University NEUNicosia1988
University of NicosiaNicosia1980
European University of CyprusNicosia1961
Girne American UniversityGirne1985
Arucad UniversityGirne2017
Lefke European UniversityLefke1990
University of FinalGirne2015
Adakent UniversityFamagusta2015

Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in Northern Cyprus

With a population of about 1 million, Cyprus is small and cozy with friendly people. A tourist journey to Cyprus is one of your most attractive choices. However, regarding the study in North Cyprus, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this country more precisely. Therefore, do not miss this article.

Advantages of Studying in Northern Cyprus

  1. One of the main advantages of studying in Northern Cyprus is being visa-free. You can enter Cyprus and do your studies with your passport and admission certificate from one of the universities of this country.
  2. European and American countries approve of academic education in Cyprus universities. So, you can have a promising career future with your international degree by getting a studying permit in Northern Cyprus after graduation.
  3. The education system is entirely standard and approved by top countries. So, you can easily find the desired work visa from any country you want.
  4. This country is small, and this can be one of its advantages. You can live a comfortable and peaceful life there, considering studying in Northern Cyprus as an exceptional springboard for yourself. However, you may get into trouble in this country if you love crowded and hectic cities. In any case, it’s better to think about peace during your studies because the study residence in Northern Cyprus will be your best option.
  5. Due to more than 20 different universities in this country, you can get an academic residence in Northern Cyprus tailored to your budget and study safely.
  6. All medical services (except dentistry and plastic surgery) are free for Cypriot students.
  7. There is no need for any entrance exam for educational immigration to Northern Cyprus. If you are not proficient in the language,  some units will be offered after taking the language placement test upon arrival at the university. So you will not have difficulties during your education.
  8. You can get a scholarship to study in Cyprus to reduce your expenses. Its terms are fully explained in the article about the study residence in Northern Cyprus.
  9. The adjacency of Cyprus to Iran will increase educational immigration to Northern Cyprus. On the other hand, commuting and the costs of this immigration will decrease. The similarity of culture is one of the other advantages of Cyprus.
  10. If needed, you can do part-time work and compensate for part of your expenses.

Disadvantages of Studying in Northern Cyprus

  1. International travel from this country is a bit difficult since Northern Cyprus is not a member of the Schengen. However, traveling from Cyprus to other countries is much better than in Iran. So, this issue cannot be so troublesome.
  2. There is a high volume of course modules for undergraduate or medical, pharmaceutical, and dental courses. As a result, you may not be able to do part-time work.
  3. After the educational immigration to Northern Cyprus, you will gradually master the English language. You can communicate easily at university and with students. Cyprus natives may not be fluent in English. However, today’s advanced technology can easily solve this problem for you.
  4. Although the diversity of occupations in Northern Cyprus is high, it is difficult to be engaged in a specialized job during academic residence in Northern Cyprus. As a result, going for other jobs while you are a student is reasonable because, after graduation, you can find your desired position based on your expertise.

The Best Courses of Study in Northern Cyprus

بهترین رشته‌های تحصیلی در قبرس شمالی

Since this country has dramatically progressed in all fields in the last few years, the demand to study in Northern Cyprus has also increased. The educational standards of countries such as England and America are observed in this country; therefore, it is a student-friendly country. However, knowing the best fields of study in Northern Cyprus with a good job market is vital to make a better choice for your future. In fact, educational immigration to Northern Cyprus can be a rocketing move for you if you choose the best field and university.

Medical and Paramedical Fields

Among the money-making fields in Northern Cyprus demanded by many Iranian students, we can mention medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry. The educational immigration to Northern Cyprus among  Iranians who intend higher education in these fields is increased since the scientific rank of the universities in this country is approved at the international level. Be mindful that there is no need for an entrance exam in Cyprus for medical and paramedical fields.

رشته‌های پزشکی و پیراپزشکی

Law Field

International law is an appropriate field taught at Cyprus’s best universities. After completing your studies, you can work as a legal advisor, judge, and prosecutor. Legal attorneyship, public attorneyship, and judgment are welcomed in this country. You can work and earn high incomes in different countries, including Cyprus, after the educational immigration to Northern Cyprus and graduation.

Tourism and Hospitality

گردشگری و هتلداری

Since Cyprus has just gained independence and had a close relationship with Turkey in the past, it has a strong tourism industry. It is trying to facilitate this economic method for the country. Therefore, these fields of study are prevalent in Cyprus. At the same time, the scientific and international credits of universities in tourism and hospitality are valid. If you want to stay in this country after studying in Northern Cyprus, don’t miss this demanding course.

Finance and Accounting Fields

Accounting, auditing, and international trade are among the money-making specialties in Northern Cyprus. If you work as an employee in banks or state departments of this country after studying in Northern Cyprus, you will earn a high income. In addition, a valid international degree in these fields allows you to work in the top countries of the world.

Cost of Living in Northern Cyprus

The cost of renting and buying housing in Northern Cyprus is almost noting. Therefore, it is one of the cost-effective destinations for educational immigration to Northern Cyprus and investment. The price of buying a house (per square meter) in Northern Cyprus varies due to currency fluctuations. Having said that, it is recommended to contact our experts to get the necessary guidance in this regard. Also, no worries about food costs because this country has good food and agricultural production, lowering food costs greatly. All kinds of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, cheese, etc., are produced in Northern Cyprus.

Additional expenses include the monthly payment of 460 Liras for electricity, 150 Liras for water and 500 Liras for gas, which is reasonable compared to other countries such as Canada, England, etc. You can use unlimited high-speed internet (15Mbps or more) for 150 Liras per month in this country. On average, the cost of commuting within the city by taxi is 60 Liras. The everyday living expenses are not so high considering this country’s excellent working conditions and the economic situation without inflation. Studying in Northern Cyprus can be the best option for you.

هزینه زندگی در قبرس شمالی

Education Fees in Northern Cyprus

Education fees can be divided into monthly food expenses, recreation, necessary equipment, etc.; you can learn more in this article. The cost of the dormitory is approximately 2500 dollars annually. This price varies according to each city and university. It is suitable for students since they don’t have to pay other additional costs such as water, electricity, gas, and internet bills. If you can get a roommate, the rentals are economical after studying in Northern Cyprus. Food costs 3,000 to 4,000 Liras. Appropriate services are considered for students, reducing the public transportation prices.

Besides, buying books and necessary university supplies should be considered in your entertainment expenses. You can live a lucrative life with around 15 thousand Liras per month. Don’t forget that you can work up to 20 hours a week in a comfortable environment and spend this money to study in Northern Cyprus. To understand the detailed expenses that the existing students of this country pay, ask the experts of Derio Holding to guide you.

Cyprus Universities Scholarships

بورسیه تحصیلی دانشگاه‌های قبرس

As it was said, the study residence in Northern Cyprus is welcomed by Iranians; one of the main reasons is the 50% scholarship offered by most universities in this country. You only have to pay half of the tuition fees of each university, which can make educational immigration to Northern Cyprus more affordable. Please note that this scholarship is awarded to all Iranian students as Iran is a third-world country. You should not be deceived by unreliable immigration agencies that charge you money. The fee of the scholarship for each university degree is different (some universities offer a 75% scholarship for certain degrees), which we will explain below:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 50 and 75% scholarship: 750 to 2700 dollars
  • Master’s degree with 50% scholarship: 800 to 1700 dollars
  • Ph.D. degree with 50% scholarship: 800 to 2800 dollars
  • Medicine course with 50% scholarship: 3000 to 10000 dollars
  • Pharmacy course with 50 and 75% scholarship: 1000 to 4000 dollars
  • Dentistry course with 50% scholarship: 3000 to 9000 dollars
  • Paramedical course with 50 and 75% scholarship: 900 to 4000 dollars

CIU Cyprus International University Scholarship

  • 50% scholarship for all undergraduate courses

  • 50% scholarship for medicine, pharmacy and dentistry courses

  • 75% scholarship for undergraduate and pharmacy students whose diploma or pre-university GPA is more than 15.

  • Maximum scholarship of 50% for the masters’ and Ph.D. students in case of academic achievements and GPA above 15.

Cyprus NEU Near East University Scholarship

  • 50% scholarship for all undergraduate courses

  • 50% scholarship for medicine, pharmacy and dentistry courses

  • 75% scholarship for a study residence in Northern Cyprus in the master’s degree if the student’s GPA is more than 15. His resume should also include three conferences and at least two international articles.

  • 90-100% scholarship for students with six conferences and at least two international papers.

In general, the scholarships for each university vary; here, only two prominent universities of Northern Cyprus were mentioned. In any case, you must receive the highest scholarship limit for studying in Northern Cyprus. So, contact our experts at Derio Holding to get free guidance.

Students Living Costs in Northern Cyprus

هزینه‌های زندگی دانشجویی در قبرس شمالی

Suppose you want to account for the average costs of student life and study immigration to Northern Cyprus each month. In that case, you need about 14,000 to 24,000 Liras per month. These expenses go for food, housing, and transportation. It is worth noting that the cost of living in a dormitory is slightly different from renting a flat. In any case, you can see the details of these costs in the table below.

Monthly Student Living ExpensesApproximate Expenses
Food3000 to 4000 Liras
Rentals1500 to 10000 Liras
Transportation60 Liras, the minimum cost of each trip
Water, Electricity and Gas bills1000 to 1500 Liras
Internet150 to 200 Liras

Therefore, these costs can vary for each person. For example, students who stay in the dormitory must pay rentals of about 100 thousand Liras (per person) per year and take advantage of free internet and facilities such as electricity, gas, and water; But if you can rent an apartment with some roommates, the costs will definitely cut down, and more affordable. In any case, it is better to contact Derio experts to get details about student expenses after studying in Northern Cyprus.

Working Rules for Northern Cyprus Students

When you apply for an educational residence in Northern Cyprus, you may have a question about whether you can have a student job in Cyprus. Remember that you are allowed to work 20 hours a week. After you enter your chosen university, you receive a study visa and do not have a work visa. As a result, you can only work part-time after studying in Northern Cyprus. Of course, the income of any job (working at a gas station, car wash, bakery, motor courier, etc.) is different. But on average, you can earn 5 euros per hour.

How to Stay Permanently in Northern Cyprus with a Study Visa

نحوه اقامت دائم قبرس شمالی با ویزای تحصیلی

After deciding to immigrate to Northern Cyprus and travel to this country, you must apply for a study visa. Derio Immigration Institute takes the process correctly. Suppose you want to convert this visa to permanent residence. In that case, you must be able to stay and work in this country for 5 years after completing your studies at Northern Cyprus universities. To do this, you can find a permanent job in Cyprus or start a business. In any case, obtaining a permanent residence after an educational residence in Northern Cyprus can be easy. The best suggestion is to get the aid of a professional lawyer in this field. The lawyers of Derio are highly expert and have long-lasting experience. Rest assured! Leave this whole process to them.

Request for a Free Consultation on Study Residence in Northern Cyprus

You probably still have many questions about how to study in Northern Cyprus. The easiest way is to go for a free consultation from a reliable company so that they can pave the way for you the study immigration to Northern Cyprus. To proceed with the study residence without any stress and concern, you should refer to an experienced team so that your immigration process takes the shortest time and at the lowest cost. As a result, to benefit from the free consultation of study residences in Northern Cyprus, click on the button below and fill out the application form. Our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

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