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Investments in Northern Cyprus

Investing in Northern Cyprus is one of the most popular ways for those who want to invest safely in a country with a first-class economy. Be mindful that you can get temporary or permanent residence in this country by investment. Therefore, Derio has tried to provide you with all the investment conditions in Northern Cyprus so that you can start a business in this country more safely. Do not forget the Infrastructural and governmental potentials for knowledge-based companies in Northern Cyprus since they can be an excellent option to start a successful business. Stay with us to get more complete tips in this field.

An Overview of Investments in Northern Cyprus Investment

Every person who intends to pursue his present and future life more seriously dreams of immigrating. Most of them think studying immigration is the only way to the residence in a country. Meanwhile, the investment conditions in Northern Cyprus have become so notable that attracts many people want to immigrate to Cyprus in this way. Also, being resident in Northern Cyprus by buying a property is one of the most convenient and, at the same time, the least expensive ways to immigrate to a developing country regarding the economy and international reputation. This country is a destination for tourists, business people, students, investors, retirees, entrepreneurs, and even ordinary people who want to experience a fun and low-cost life.

This country’s long-term policies aim to attract external investments and raise the high educational ranks of American and British universities. Therefore, studying in Northern Cyprus is another popular way of immigration. Every year students, even students in lower grades, such as high school, plan to migrate to Northern Cyprus to study at world-class universities in this country. In any case, there are various ways to live permanently in Northern Cyprus. In this article, we will give more detailed information about investing in Northern Cyprus so that you can guarantee the future of yourself and your family. So, don’t miss this article to get complete information in this field.

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Investment Terms in Northern Cyprus

Investing in Northern Cyprus is one of the valuable ways to get permanent residence in this country. Currently, Northern Cyprus is among the top 15 countries worldwide for investment and is welcomed by many people. In fact, the business space of this country is very convenient. It can be a proper destination for the financial and economic growth of the Iranians. You need at least 40,000 euros of capital to invest and generate income in this country.

One of the requirements of investing in Northern Cyprus is providing the documents including a passport (no visa required), resume, criminal record clearance, police certificate from the country where you have resided in the last 6 months, and the signed form to apply for temporary residence in this country. To make the best investment in Northern Cyprus, you must specify the type of investment, the fixed budget, and your goal so that you can make profits. Going through these steps and reaching the best outcome can be one of the investors’ concerns. So, leave this process to a professional immigration agency such as Derio to get the best investment experience.

Investment Options in Northern Cyprus

As mentioned, investing in Northern Cyprus depends on the area in which you intend to make an income. Therefore, we will introduce four main ways to get to know the investment conditions in this country so that you can get to know them more.

Investing in Northern Cyprus by Registering a Company

There are five types of companies related to the business activity for investing in Northern Cyprus: civil partnership, general partnership company, joint stock company, limited liability company, and representative office. Since this country’s future-oriented policies attract foreign capital,  the company registration procedure in Northern Cyprus takes less than 10 days.

Derio group introduces experts and professional lawyers to help you make investments in Northern Cyprus through company registration. So,  the minimum capital you need to register your desired company will be determined and you can continue the process quickly.

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After determining the type of company, you must choose an exclusive and suitable name. This name is checked and confirmed by the Cyprus Company Registration Organization. In the following, the lawyer prepares the memorandum and particular documents related to company registration. Finally, after the final approval of the Companies Registration Office, the Ministry of Taxation will specify a tax and value-added tax number for you. Finally, for social assistance, you must register on the website of the Ministry of Labor of Cyprus. As mentioned, all these steps are taken with the help of a group of experts who fully understand the investment terms in Northern Cyprus and help you avoid administrative troubles.

Investing in Northern Cyprus by Buying a Property

As fully stated in the Northern Cyprus residence by purchasing property, one of the simple and popular ways to obtain permanent residency in Northern Cyprus is by buying property in this country. Of course, you can experience one of the most profitable investment methods in Northern Cyprus in this way. The property confiscation rate in Northern Cyprus is based on the index of 1 (the lowest possible value). These distinguishing features of this country made it a main business destination for foreign investors. 

Advantages of Investing in Northern Cyprus

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As we said, this country has become one of the best business destinations for foreign investors. Suppose you want to invest in Northern Cyprus more safely. In that case, it is necessary to consider the economic indicators of this country, which we will examine below.

Unemployment Rate and Inflation

The progressive economic policies of Northern Cyprus lowered the unemployment rate in recent years. Besides, the conditions of investment in Northern Cyprus through buying property, starting a business, and registering a company are aligned with the first-tier countries, decreasing the inflation rate to a negative level.

Economic and Social Conditions

The tax rate in this country is meager. At the same time, you can get a Cyprus passport by investing in Northern Cyprus. This country is highly secure financially, and there is no economic corruption since the crime rate in Northern Cyprus is very low. All these things facilitate investment in Northern Cyprus. So, making a profit in this way should not be missed.

Geographical Conditions

This country has a moderate climate, leading to the attraction of many tourists. Many students worldwide choose Northern Cyprus to continue their studies. This country, located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, could overgrow and strengthen its economic potential, making it among the developing countries. Since this country is located in the path of the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the economy is growing. The low cost of living in Northern Cyprus and its economic and social security are other proper investment features.

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Permanent Residence in Northern Cyprus

One of the main benefits of investment in Northern Cyprus is getting a permanent residence. You can get permanent residence in Northern Cyprus for yourself, your spouse, and children under 25 years of age and live in the country as an ordinary citizen. At the same time, it is not necessary to stay in this country to get temporary residence. Instead, you can maintain your residence by investing in Northern Cyprus and staying there a few days a year.

Getting a Loan

Suppose you are planning to invest in Northern Cyprus by buying property. In that case, you can easily get loans with an interest rate of 10-12%. Their refund period is between 10 and 12 years, making you achieve a significant profit with these investment conditions in Northern Cyprus. In any case, all mentioned benefits can be in your favor if you seek guidance from experts in this field. Derio will help you in this regard to experience a successful investment in this country.

Disadvantages of Investing in Northern Cyprus

Despite the remarkable benefits of investing in Cyprus, you must consider the disadvantages so you can take this business process open-mindedly. In the following, we introduce the most important disadvantages of investing in North Cyprus:

The Population of Northern Cyprus

To fully understand the investment conditions in Northern Cyprus, you should also consider its population. This small country with a population of about 400,000 has a small domestic market. However, it is on the way of many foreign merchants. This makes you think about international business in this country, not just the domestic buyers in Northern Cyprus. This small population makes flights and transportation of the country to other regions difficult. Of course, this will not be troublesome if you don’t need to commute between your workplace and home. To solve this challenge, you must book your ticket a few days earlier to avoid trouble.

Language in Northern Cyprus

زبان در قبرس شمالی

The natives of this country are not fluent in English. As a result, to invest in Cyprus for entrepreneurship, learning Turkish or Greek is a must. However, students don’t have difficulty communicating since lessons are in English in most universities and schools.

Lack of Industrial Occupations in Northern Cyprus

Since the tourism and shipping industry is the economic priority of this country, there are almost no industrial jobs in Northern Cyprus. However, suppose you specialize in this type of industrial job. In that case, you can start a creative business in this country and turn this disadvantage into an advantage.

Compare The Pros and Cons of Investing in Cyprus

 Advantages of Investing in Cyprus Disadvantages of Investing in Cyprus
 Low unemployment and inflation rate weak domestic market
 High economic security weak international transport
 Favorable tax conditions for businesses Lack of industrial jobs
The possibility of international trade Non-proficiency in English among Cypriots
 Ease of obtaining permanent residence in Northern Cyprus 
 The possibility of getting a mortgage to buy property 

Obtaining Residence by Investing in Northern Cyprus

اخذ اقامت با سرمایه گذاری در قبرس شمالی

As mentioned, investment terms in Northern Cyprus differ, making a residence different. But the longest time to obtain a temporary residence for the investment in Northern Cyprus usually does not last more than 2 months. These depend on quickly completing your company registration, property, or bond purchase. But terms of getting a permanent residence can be a bit different. For example, you have to live permanently in this country longer. In any case, all these processes must be managed by experts in this field so that you can make the least risky and the most profitable investment in Northern Cyprus. In this field, the experts of Derio can provide you with their experience and accompany you to the end. 

Request Free Advice on Investment in Northern Cyprus

The best solution for you to get a residence in Northern Cyprus with no worries is the free consultation on investment in Northern Cyprus. Derio consultants and experts help you in this regard. It can introduce the most convenient investment terms in Northern Cyprus according to your goals and budget. So, you can start a new progressive lifestyle for yourself and your family. This small and beautiful country has a prosperous future in the growth and development of significant foreign investments. So, if you want a free and detailed consultation on investment terms in Northern Cyprus, click the button below and fill out the form. Derio experts will contact you.

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