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Residence in Northern Cyprus

If you tend to change your life and benefit from perfect welfare without concern, immigration to Northern Cyprus can be the best option. Growing opportunities in this country draw you inside to get residency in different ways, such as educational immigration, investment, entrepreneurship, and buying an estate. Derio experts have provided comprehensive information about the best ways to immigrate to this Meditearan country to get prepared and take the necessary action. Our experienced experts in immigration and residence plans will walk you through all processes from A to Z to go through this path in the best possible way.

A Quick Look at Residence in Northern Cyprus

Making the most out of facilities in a developing and growing county with international events can be one of the most appealing happenings in our lives. So, immigration to different countries, especially for Iranians, is a primary concern in their lives. Choosing good destinations with the lowest expense and highest welfare rate is reasonable. With that said, one of the most appropriate options is immigration to Northern Cyprus. This Turk-inhibited country could stand among the top 15 nations regarding external investments. So, we witnessed increasing investments in Northern Cyprus, which caused many Iranians to apply for residence in North Cyprus.

For example, getting a residence permit by buying property is one of the most profitable investments in this country and is welcomed by many people. Low taxes, affordable expenses, unique geographical location, and international relationships with the USA and UK are benefits that can not be overlooked. However, many young people tend to gain educational residence in Northern Cyprus and get international credentials. This country has achieved a very high rate of profitability in admitting international students. For this reason, it has an excellent scientific and political position among different countries. So, if you want to learn more about ways of residence in Northern Cyprus, stay with us and don’t miss this article.

اقامت قبرس شمالی در یک نگاه

History of Northern Cyprus

تاریخچه تأسیس قبرس شمالی​

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is divided into two parts, Northern and Southern Cyprus. This country gained complete independence in 1960, and after years of conflict, Northern Cyprus finally declared its complete independence in 1983. The northern part of Cyprus is under Turkey’s surveillance; therefore, this country’s official language is Turkish. Southern Cyprus is mostly Greeks, living under the supervision of Greece and the European Union. In any case, Northern Cyprus has still managed to reach significant positions politically and economically due to its rich history. As a result, the influx of tourists and immigrants to Northern Cyprus is increasing, and geographical conditions and international policies have improved. The outcome is incredibly high welfare and attraction of immigrants from all over the world to settle in Northern Cyprus.

Critical Information About Northern Cyprus

Immigrating to Northern Cyprus requires complete information about this country. The capital of Northern Cyprus is Lefkoşa (Nicosia), the largest city in the country. Northern Cyprus attracts a massive amount of tourists since it has a very mild climate and 320 days a year is sunny. Being adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and having spectacular beaches has caused many resorts to be found there. This country is at the crossroads of the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It, therefore, has a significant economic and commercial position. We provided details about this country, which will help you get to know Northern Cyprus.

 Official Name:Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
 The CapitalNicosia
 The Official LanguageTurkish (Proficient in English)
 The Official ReligionSunni Muslims
Currency Turkish Lira / Euro / Dollar
Population 313,626 People (2021 Statistics)
 The Area3.355 km2
 The Year of The Declaration of Independence November 15, 1983
 Republican Government The 5-year presidential election period
 Political Relationships The USA, England, Greece, Russia, Turkey and
 Approved by The European UnionNone
 Unemployment Rate 5% (less than Canada and England)

North 70 km to Turkey

 East 100 km from Syria
 South 370 km from Egypt
 Southeast 170 km from Lebanon and Palestine
 Northwest 950 km from Greece
 The Tourist Attractions Beautiful mountains, beaches, forest, and landscape
 Driving Direction Left
 Phone Number Code + 90

Advantages and Disadvantages of Residence in Northern Cyprus

مزایا و معایب اقامت قبرس شمالی

As said before, Northern Cyprus is one of the leading international destinations for economic and educational purposes. Immigrating to Northern Cyprus has been widespread, so you can get a residence permit and take advantage of benefits. For your information, we address some advantages and disadvantages of living in this country. Before going to the main points, we need to mention that our experienced consultants eliminate the difficulties you may face on this path. Derio’s professional experts can provide you with the fastest and easiest ways to prevent possible problems. 

Advantages of Being a Northern Cyprus Resident

  1. Lovely recreational places such as beach resorts, forest parks, etc
  2. Rich culture and lack of racial discrimination 
  3. Low crime and high security
  4. Lower the cost of living than south Cyprus and other European countries, America, Australia, etc. 
  5. Various currencies besides Turkish Lira, Like the pound sterling, euro and dollar
  6. Appropriate education, health, and treatment at the international level
  7. Prestigious universities with international credentials approved by first-class countries, plus low-priced tuition fees with scholarships and no need for a language certificate or entrance exam.
  8. The growing economy and meager unemployment rate, and inflation
  9. Favorable climate 
  10. The possibility of obtaining temporary and permanent residence in Northern Cyprus without the need to live in this country for a long time

Disadvantages of Living in Northern Cyprus

  1. Limited proficiency in English among people 
  2. Limited domestic market and high incomes cannot be obtained in this way
  3. The absence of large industries in this country, especially in the field of specialized business
  4. Poor Public transport in Northern Cyprus due to its population, and there is a need for a car when moving to North Cyprus. (Transportation and buses are suitable for students)
  5. Administrative bureaucracy may be a bit time-consuming for those who wish to apply remotely for a Northern Cyprus residence permit.
  6. Non-membership of this country in the European Union

Living Expenses in Northern Cyprus

Depending on how you choose to immigrate to Northern Cyprus, the primary expenses of buying property, starting a business, and investing may vary. Below Table displays more information.

 Immigration TypeAffordability
 Employment Immigration 60 million+ tomans
 Education80 million+ Tomans
 Firm Registration More than 2 billion tomans
 Buying Estate Over 5 billion tomans
 Monthly urban transportation The minimum cost for each trip is 150 thousand tomans
 Monthly bills About 500 to 600 thousand tomans
 Monthly rent of a furnished one-bedroom house More than 1 million tomans
 Eating out About 200 thousand tomans
 Gasoline About 40 thousand tomans per liter
 Monthly call and internet package About 400 thousand tomans
 Unlimited internet with high speed About 300 thousand tomans

You should consider daily living expenses in this country. As said before, costs in Northern Cyprus are affordable and reasonable. So, you will not have difficulties studying, tourism, or permanently living in this country. This can be prominent for retirement and a good choice for you to live there.

How to Immigrate to Northern Cyprus

روش‌های اصلی مهاجرت به قبرس شمالی

In recent years, migration to North Cyprus has been openly welcome due to this country’s economic and scientific policies. Currently, there are various ways to stay in North Cyprus, including migration through employment, education, investment, and property (estate) purchase, marriage, artists’ and athletes’ residence. All these items can be safe ways to permanently or temporarily get a permanent or temporary residence permit in Northern Cyprus. Still, the best course of immigration to this country is furthering education, property purchase, and investment. We will provide an overview of each of these ways. You can refer to the main links below to get details about these ways. Besides, You can benefit from free consultation by Derio’s experts, either on-site or online, or ask your questions in the comments section. 

Getting a Residence Permit in Northern Cyprus by Buying Property

Buying property is one most straightforward and appropriate ways of immigration to Northern Cyprus. There are many advantages to buying property in this country, including gaining a permanent residence permit in Northern Cyprus, the possibility of online purchasing, interest-free or low-interest loan (10-12%) after getting the property deed, investing in a country with high political and economic stability, the possibility of getting a permanent residence for children and family, renting conveniently and making incomes in dollars and sterling pound. You can get them after you learn more about the terms of property buying in this country and have a safe investment based on your budget and goal. For this purpose, you can refer to Residence in Cyprus to get the required information about the best location for buying property, the price of a villa and house in Cyprus, and the required documents for housing.

It is worth noting that many websites have started to help you in this regard due to the eagerness of many Iranians to migrate to Northern Cyprus by buying property. However, you need to know that expertise and credentials in this field are very important. We recommend you get Derio’s free consultation for investment in Northern Cyprus to step into this attractive and profitable path with an open mind.

اقامت قبرس شمالی با خرید ملک

Investment in Northern Cyprus

سرمایه گذاری در قبرس شمالی

One of the most convenient and lucrative things for immigration and residence in Northern Cyprus is an investment in this country. Northern Cyprus could stand among the top most appropriate 13 nations for businesses. In addition, it was well known by American Magazines as the best destination for international trading, which manifests the economic growth of this country. These factors have made immigration to Northern Cyprus welcome. On the other hand, the politicians of this country are trying to ease off the conditions for foreign investors and boost their economy. To get more details about the types of investment in this country, you can read the Investment in Northern Cyprus. Derio Experts provides you with free and comprehensive consultations.

Educational Residence in Northern Cyprus

Studying in Northern Cyprus can be one of your best choices to enter international and prestigious institutions. No matter what educational achievements you want to gain in this country, you don’t need to have language proficiency or an entrance exam. You can use scholarship tuition ranging from 50% to 100% and get Northern Cyprus residents. Educational departments of this country keep up with the best universities in the USA and the UK while it is affordable for Iranians. The geographical and cultural adjacency of Northern Cyprus to Iran has made immigration more convenient. In any case, Derio experts provided details about scholarships and the best universities in Cyprus. You can find them in Educational Residence in Northern Cyprus.

اقامت تحصیلی در قبرس شمالی

Free Consultation About Northern Cyprus Residence

Now that you gained knowledge on immigration to Northern Cyprus, you may ask some questions. Derio group could get together with the most expert consultants in Northern Cyprus residence to guide you. Our experts can offer the best options to gain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus through education, investment, or buying properties. So, click the below button to get free consultation for the Northern Cyprus residence and fill out the form so that our experts contact you as early as possible.

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